Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rainforest Deforestation

I miss learning English. Really, it was about the lowest pressure in language learning yet. I had no responsibilities, I hung out with people who took care of everything I needed. I learned by listening to people talk or hearing people read me stories. Whenever I said something, like, "mommy, or cracker, or dada," everyone cheered and applauded like I'd ended rainforest deforestation. And then I had a huge sense of accomplishment.

Nowadays things are different. I learn by going to class, studying and hanging out with people, who often have greater expectations on me than mommy, cracker and dada, which I've actually been able to say for sometime now. In order to have a noteworthy sense of accomplishment and a similar response from listeners, I think I'd have to have a conversation about how I am actually personally ending the rainforest deforestation.

And there I am folks, sitting on my language plateau.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So, static electricity is king here these days. The weather is cooler, thankfully, and each night my blanket lights up the room everytime I move. My hair is dry. At first I thought it was just dirty, so I started washing it more, but that just made it more dry. Now I look like a science experiment when I try to brush my hair. I should buy a better shampoo. I pet the cat and he gets electrocuted. There should be someway to harness this power and use it to provide electricity. Somebody should work on that. I'll work on getting new shampoo.

Most everyday a man walks outside my window shouting about something he is selling. It's different everyday--tomatoes, fish. I can't always understand what he's saying. Sometimes he wakes me up. Ironically, the days when he wakes me up it sounds like he is shouting "Quiet, quiet, quiet." And that makes me chuckle. Someday I'm going to go purchase some fish from him. They come straight from the river, so they have to be ok right? He will even gut it for me :)

We never know when the garbage man will come, could be anytime. Normally someone preceeds him blowing a gym whistle, so we know to bring out our trash. I just have to condition my ears to make me think "I must take out my trash" everytime I hear a whistle.

There is an Indian restaurant here that is AMAZING. How are there not Indian restaurants on every corner in America?

I am refusing to continue being a ludite. I am trying really hard to enter the world of technology.

Well friends, I can't think of too much else that will interest you.